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Traveling with My Cat - Backpack Style

Hiking and going out with your indoor cat has never been so hassle free with the perfect backpack!

*Disclosure: We only recommend products we. would use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Lychee just got all her shots done so we're excited to bring her out to explore the city! Jon and I like to take long walks in the city, or what we call 'city hikes', and sometimes, it can span from a 3 hour walk to a 5 hour walk across San Francisco.

Of course, we had to bring Lychee with us and show her around. I see a lot of people putting their kitties in strollers for maximum comfort and safety. However, a stroller is a little too bulky for us, especially when we go on long walks or hikes.

Bubble Backpack for a Space Kitty

That was when I turned to the trusty Amazon for a cat carrier. The first backpack I got was the pink bubble backpack* I've been seeing everywhere online. It's so cute! The backpack is relatively light and very well ventilated. We opted for a backpack that had some coverage on the bottom to give Lychee a safe space, in comparison to the cat backpacks that are completely transparent (scared she might feel too exposed).

We brought her own her first outing trip to Target (baby steps!) and wow, we got A LOT of attention and secret picture snaps (the introvert in me was **SCREAMING**). She definitely looked super cute in the backpack and a little girl came up and called her a space kitty! Lychee enjoyed looking out of her bubble occasionally but she spent most of her time meowing at the side mesh, trying to get out. So we decided to take the bubble cap off the backpack, allowing her to stick her head out and enjoy a completely unobstructed view.

A few weeks went by with the bubble backpack, and we started extending our walks to see how she'll react with a longer time away from home. The beginning of our trips were usuaully okay for her until she gets sleepy. Then, Lychee gets really grumpy and starts meowing non-stop. Since the backpack is relatively small, Lychee can't comfortably lie in the backpack / sleep in it.

That's when we decided to search for another roomier backpack for our longest journeys.

The PERFECT Backpack for Outdoor Folks

That's when I came across Suki the cat on Instagram. If you don't know who she is, she is a 3 year old Bengal kitty from Canada living her best life - she travels around the world with her owners on a leash and a backpack! More specifically, the PetsFit Backpack from Amazon.*

And I have no regrets! There's plenty of room for Lychee to chill in and the mat inside is also very comfortable. There are 2 entry ways on the top and the front, so Lychee can sit in the backpack and watch the pigeons, or prop up on top and enjoy a higher vantage point (dad's shoulders are also a great place for a good view!).

The only small downside to this is that the backpack is relatively heavy. It can be tiring carrying around a 5 pound kitty in a 3 pound backpack - but it's WORTH it! There is also a leash inside that attaches to Lychee's collar just in case she decides to jump out of the backpack. And my favorite part - IT HAS SIDE POCKETS! No more chaotic item juggling.

Going on city hikes every Sunday is part of the family tradition now, and Lychee loves it (especially when there are pigeons involved). Let me know what you think and what your favorite carriers are!


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